• We connect mission-driven startups to global talent through short-term projects

  • What does listing a project mean?

    Running a business isn't easy. With the daily operations and putting out the occasional fire, startups normally find themselves parking anything outside of their day-to-day. It may be building your brand, understanding why customers drop off at certain points, or increasing the number of leads you can reach.


    We're here to build a team around you to run these side projects.


    What is a project brief? A small team of 3-5 professionals and students to work on digital marketing, business development or data analytics. QLC provides the training and milestones through our project scope, and you provide the weekly feedback and insight into your industry and business.

    1. Create a project listing

    Use our pre-scoped projects to set your business goals and project needs

    2. Candidates apply to your project

    We’ll curate talent from our pool of the smartest and most passionate people hungry to execute and learn about your industry

    3. Host your project online

    Kickstart your 6 week project and grow your business with a remote team

  • Select the project that fits best

    Launch your project challenge in digital marketing, business development or data analytics.

    Start prospecting a new customer segment and defining a new sales approach


    What you get:

    • Understand a new or existing customer base better
    • Potential list of new leads
    • Optimised process of engaging leads


    • 6 weeks

    Create meaningful insight and visualisations out of hard data


    What you get:

    • Understand where to improve in your conversion funnel
    • Analysis on which metrics or channels you should focus on
    • Formatting or recommendation on tools to better acquire and store data


    • 6 weeks

    Launch a social media or content marketing strategy to grow your users and customers


    What you get:

    • Research into what your competitors are doing better than you
    • Ideas to promote your brand and voice
    • Content pieces to test and share to your new and existing customers


    • 6 weeks
  • Get great ideas and real results

    Of the 1,000+ students and 200+ projects run on our platform, we've realised the importance of crowdsourcing new ideas and building new networks of people who love what you do. We've partnered with forward-thinking universities from around the world who have sponsored students to our program.


    It's a win-win for both you and the students. For startups, it's a chance to get project work done without the cost, build your personal branding as a project mentor, and even test out your hiring needs. For students, it's a chance to get involved new industries, develop 21st Century Skills, and build up their professional portfolio.


    We want to work with change makers around the world, interested in grooming the next generation of thought leaders. Here are some of our project mentors.

    Aishwarya Jain

    Co-Founder & CEO, Strike


    Albert Tirtohadi

    Co-Founder & CEO, Fynd


    April Kim

    CEO, ChattingCat

    Carol Chen

    Founder, Covetella

    Idris Sersoub

    Founder & CEO, Popmap

    Kiran Kumar

    CEO, Competeshark

    Mike Davie

    CEO, DatastreamX

    Mun Foong Ng

    Founder, WanderZoom

    Navas Khan

    Head of Marketing, DatastreamX

    Raymond Yip

    Co-Founder & CEO, DesignJar


    Robin Lim

    Co-Founder, Made Real


    Naushad Shaik

    CEO, RYMM Education


    Sky Chew

    CTO, Growth Hacking Asia


    Willson Deng

    CEO, Arcstone


    Yi Wen Chen

    Founder, Bolt Media

  • Hear what Idris from Popmap said

    "I highly recommend anyone to mentor with QLC, if they are interested in working with passionate teams on challenging projects to tackle together!"

    Hear what Rehan from Foodingo said

    "I absolutely enjoyed mentoring with QLC.io. Nothing helps more than a group of young minds coming up, asking candid questions, and then devoting their energies to the cause."

  • Where some of our companies come from

    Whether you're an early stage company looking to grow, or an exciting brand looking to hire talent

    - we're here to help.

  • Why QLC?

    Build your brand

    Your unique experiences and choices shape your insight into your industry. Use your business to lead others and build your credibility.

    Grow your reach

    Get outside your immediate network with our bona fide community of people with personal causes and identify evangelists for yours.

    Test out hiring

    Trial potential hires by placing them onto projects with your business first.

    Fresh ideas

    Get some side work done with fresh perspective by padawans who are genuinely passionate about what you do.

  • Ready to go?

  • FAQs

    What is QLC?

    QLC helps young professionals and students taste test different career paths through short term projects.

    What is an average project like?

    Your project team will work on either a Digital Marketing, Business Development or Data Analytics challenge. QLC provides the training and structure for the project. Project mentors are the subject matter experts who will provide industry insight and feedback on the weekly tasks. Everyone will connect remotely online.


    Projects are usually four to six weeks long and a candidate or a small team of 3-5 will be matched to your startup or social enterprise. Participants are expected to commitment 5-10 hours per week on the programme.

    So...is this like an internship?

    Not at all. QLC sets the boundaries around the type of tasks, and the project mentor will provide feedback on how it applies to their business. Candidates join projectsbecause they are deeply passionate about learning a particular industry or digital skill set.


    As it is a learning experience, candidates do not expect remuneration. They join projects because they genuinely want to get involved with your cause, learn from you, and develop themselves.

    How much time do I need to commit?

    Project mentors are expected to check-in with their team at least once a week. On average, most mentors spend about 1 hour per week connecting with their team via Skype, reviewing work or giving advice on Slack.

    Do project mentors need to pay for this?

    Nope. What we do expect is your time and commitment for the course of the project.


    We are building a global community of thought leaders working on big problems - no matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you are at. Our end goal is to help you grow your personal brand, connect and share with others who care about your cause.

    How many projects can I list?

    As many as you want! For the best experience, we recommend one project per project host at a time.

    How is my team chosen?

    We do the heavy lifting. All you need to do is list a project. Interested candidates will submit their applications to QLC and we will match them to you based on their motivations.

    If you have more questions check out our knowledge base or ask a question.